Nowadays outsourcing is a strategic and effective decision for institutions and organizations and the base of it is originated by advantages such as reducing costs , improvement on quality of services and access to financial reports that are used for financial disclosure and a document for decide on company guidance and leadership.

  Outsourcing is necessary as a strategy or by a lower level is an inevitable policy for improving the efficiency of operations.

avidraya_NDb institution of Financial Services by using valuable experiences. 


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Nowadays that economic relations change day by day, people, companies and institutes financial changes have effect on each other and these activities get more complicated each day. These factors make role of accounting more clear ...

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Financial & Tax Consultation

for being an agile and creative organization,it is essential to have a proper financial councilor. Our independent financial councilors are specialized about financial issues that are advised to clients and variuose financial serv ...

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Financial statements

Purpose of financial reports or statements are consist of “representation of summarized and classified information about financial status, financial performance and financial flexibility of business entity” so that will be useful ...

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